Desktop Support

desktopWhen customers choose Presage Solutions, they place a significant degree of trust in our ability to deliver. In fact, we are viewed as a trusted IT partner and as an extension of their IT staff. Presage Solutions provides service management every step of the way. You can expect premium customer support that is perfectly tailored to your managed environment and requirements. Customer Support staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – no exceptions.

Handpicked to match the specific needs of each customer, our Service Managers handle customer activations and the implementation of major change requests. They also track and manage contract and SLA compliance, and proactively monitor client satisfaction via quality of service inquiries and ongoing communications with customer staff.

Advanced tiers of technical support are automatically brought to bear in response to emergency technical issues for hosted environments. These resources can be engaged on an ad-hoc basis for consulting, planning or other non-time sensitive issues.

Formal monitoring, logging and event management processes are employed in the Network Operations Center (NOC). This level of technical support is included with every level of service offering from Presage Solutions.

You can reach Presage Solutions's NOC via the following phone number or email: Toll Free: 817.439.3051 Email: