Storage and Reporting

Servers & Storage

Presage Solutions offers a variety of shared and dedicated storage solutions to meet a broad range of enterprise requirements. For those organizations needing a secure, highly-available, and expandable data storage solution, Presage Solutions’s shared SAN is a cost-effective option compared with purchasing a fixed-capacity system.

If terabyte-plus capacity or data replication is required, Presage Solutions provisions and manages both direct-attached and SAN from industry-leading vendors. Less mission-critical and near-real-time storage is accommodated with network- and fibre-attached SATA.

Presage Solutions can provision various levels of server equipment from leading providers such as Sun and HP to meet your needs. Presage Solutions’s support staff is comprised of certified experts proficient in hardware troubleshooting, problem diagnosis and resolution. Presage Solutions’s staff provides complete installation, configuration and testing of your server environment. Once operational, Presage Solutions provides maintenance in partnership with equipment manufacturers and third-party service providers. Presage Solutions provides spare components or, if needed, complete systems from on-site inventory.


Presage Solutions delivers a wide range of comprehensive reporting tools to each of our customers. Our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible about the current state of your managed systems. Through the Presage Solutions Customer Portal, you’ll have access to every aspect of your server infrastructure.

Hourly, daily and monthly reporting assists you in understanding performance, targeting trends, and maintaining your competitive edge. As a result, our customers benefit by having a greater understanding of their systems operations through a broad suite of richly-featured reporting tools.

Presage Solutions’s web-based Customer Portal offers the flexibility to access all the details of your infrastructure, at any time of day or night:

  • View the current performance of managed systems
  • Review and analyze the results of scheduled backup jobs
  • Submit and review service tickets
  • View entire infrastructure asset base


Daily System Activity Reports - provides device component information for the following server attributes:

CPU Utilization, CPU Load Average, Availability by Load Set, System Availability, Physical Memory, Physical Memory by Process, Virtual Memory, Page Faults, Pages In, Disk I/O Metrics and Network Metrics.

In addition to standard reports, Presage Solutions allows customers to create custom reports using a wide variety of data on their managed systems. These reports can be:

  • Scheduled and run on a regular basis
  • Downloaded in .PDF format for internal distribution
  • Downloaded in delimited ASCII format for analysis in Excel or as an internal report insert

System Availability Report - provides customers with information on total uptime of their managed servers.

Bandwidth Utilization Report - provide customers with monthly utilization rates for managed network subscription.

Customer Support Center

Customer Support Overview Report - provides customers with a total view of their correspondence with our Customer Support Center.

Incident Detail Report - each month’s data is extracted from the Customer Support Center’s incident reporting system to provide customers with complete details of each incident that was opened with Presage Solutions’s Customer Support Center. This includes every detail from the time the incident ticket was opened and closed, and all activities that occurred between the opening and closing of the ticket.

Automated Server Mgmt.

Infrastructure Ops Reports - this provides a comprehensive profile of current infrastructure assets. With access to your specific hardware and software inventory, you can view specific system attributes such as OS and application patch levels, firmware revisions, interface attributes, a graphical logical site map, and more. In short, you can ensure the desired server configuration state of your entire server environment is maintained.


Daily Managed Backup Reports - provides daily backup reports to ensure that backup jobs were successfully completed on designated systems/directories. In addition, customers can view detailed analyses of backup resources consumed so as to better manage their backup costs.