We started the Parker County Economic Development Council on September 1st with two people and nothing else – almost literally. No phones, collaboration tools, wiring – nothing except desks and paper. Presage came in and made sure we had the right tools for easy collaboration, flexible communications, a fast network that would grow with us, and even the best apps so that we could maximize productivity outside the office. We’re only a startup, but we’re growing fast, in part because of all the right pieces Presage helped us put in place.

Tim Von Kennel | Executive Director | Parker County Economic Development Council

We’ve worked with Jay Hamilton and Presage for over a decade, says Ken Hockenbrough, MIS Manager of Southlake, TX-based Darr Equipment. We wanted out of the IT business and were happy to transition data center operations into Presage’s care. Jay and his team completely revamped our communications and email and made sure that we had five-nines uptime protection for our private cloud – in Texas, where we’re no strangers to power outages. Not long again ago, Darr bought a company roughly equal to our own size. Overnight, we doubled from 300 to 600 employees, and each side had completely different IT systems and processes from the other. Blending the IT structures of these two groups was critical, and having Presage’s experience with Darr through that process was a big plus. Now, because Presage helped us to be more nimble and modular, key system changes can occur in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Ken Hockenbrough | MIS Manager | Darr Equipment Co.

Our Fort Worth, TX-based biotech startup, EOSERA, managed all of our IT services in-house for as long as we could before realizing we needed a dedicated expert team to help better organize our business technology and prepare us for rapid growth. Presage Solutions became an extension of our team, and we couldn’t be happier. Presage helped revamp our communications and shared calendars, and they helped build a more robust, cloud-based file sharing system. Those changes enabled us to bring incredible innovation and technology to market quickly. I’d like Presage to grow with our company and continue helping us prepare for the future.

Melanie Morris | Marketing Manager | Eosera Inc.

There’s an entire infrastructure that needs to operate smoothly around biotech operations, technical and commercial. Everything from accounting to marketing – and that infrastructure is supported by IT systems. Without Presage Solutions, especially when we were small, I don’t know that ZS Pharma could have scaled up as well or as fast as it did. Other service providers might know the IT technology, but Jay [Hamilton] and Presage knew how to apply and manage that IT technology within our environment.

Al Guillem | Former president | ZS Pharma